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Japan and Japaneseness

on November 26, 2013

     If I am asked what is Japan,who are Japanese people, I still can’t answer it . Whenever I take this writing class, I always think about that seriously. For example, as everyone has each image for one thing, these questions also depend on person. But, my image changed to know other’s views. Before thinking Japaneseness, my image was narrow-minded and I realized that just mentioned Japanese food, Japanese culture like a temple, Kimono, Geisha and etc. as examples. Certainly, it’s a good way to know about history and culture when thinking about. However, I think it’s only seeing a part of Japan and Japaneseness.For me, other’s opinions are valuable. So, my image is unstable now and it’ll change easily. Not only things in the past, new things are part of Japan, too!


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